Company - Bariperfil
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Who we are

More than 25 years of experience in the wood sector

Bariperfil is a company with more than 25 years of experience in the wood and decoration sector.

Bariperfil is a distributor of interior decorative products. We are proud to be a leading distributor of laminate, vinyl, and deck flooring, offering premium quality and innovative solutions for your interior design needs. Additionally, we manufacture all the necessary profiles required for our products, ensuring a seamless and professional finish. Bariperfil also distribute a full range of digitally printed wall coverings manufactured by his mother company Barinsa.

Exclusive Brands: As an exclusive distributor in Spain, we proudly offer renowned brands such as KRONOSWISS laminate floors, ASPECTA and ELEMENTAL vinyl floors.
In-House Manufactured Wall Coverings: Experience our wall coverings, proudly manufactured by us, including KOBERTIN, BARIDECOR AQUA, and BARIPLUS, providing stylish and durable solutions for your walls.

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Specialists in flooring, wall panels and profiles

Most of Bariperfil’s business is focused in Spain, although we also supply Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Germany and Morocco. Bariperfil’s headquarters are located in Santa Bárbara, in the south of the province of Tarragona. Bariperfil also has five distribution warehouses, located in Madrid, Barcelona, Girona, Malaga and Alicante.

Our values

  • Specialists

    We have created our own experience. 25 years of hard work, reflection and decisions. This specialization has situated us in a leadership position within our sector. The experience we have is essential to be able to see the future with optimism and opportunities.

  • Experience

    Our quality of both product and service and our proactivity in anticipating customer needs, make us a dynamic, trustworthy and guaranteed company. An efficiency model whose objective is to aspire to excellence, providing new solutions.

  • Quality

    We are the sole exclusive distributors in Spain of the laminate flooring collection of the Swiss brand Kronoswiss , and the American LVT brand Aspecta. In addition, we manufacture all the matching profiles and accessories. High quality materials that stand out for their design, innovation and functionality.

Our commitments

  • Compromise with FSC y PEFC Chain of Custody

    Look for our FSC® certified products

  • Quality policy

Our certificates

  • Certificate FSC®

    Look for our FSC® certified products

  • Certificate PEFC

  • Certificate FSC®

  • Certificate Friendly Materials

  • Friendly Materials Medal

    Kobert-In has been awarded the Friendly Materials gold medal thanks to its characteristics that make it an optimal and safe product for indoor installations.