Laminate floors - Bariperfil
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Laminate floors


Bariperfil exclusively distributes Kronoswiss and Zenku laminate flooring in Spain. Enter and you will discover more than 100 models in permanent stock distributed in various collections. Laminate floors for all needs and tastes. In addition, all the matching profiles and accessories.

Kronoswiss laminate floors distributed by Bariperfil are made up of two main ranges: The Grand Selection range and the Swiss Classic range. The Grand Selection range of floors is made up of the newest and most innovative collections in formats, textures and qualities, very high-class floors that compete directly with natural wood products. In the Swiss Classic range, you will find the most commonly used products and the largest range of collections and qualities, always respecting Swiss quality standards, there will be no color or format that you will not find in one of the collections of the Swiss Classic range.

Zenku laminate floors are divided into three collections: Artec, Creation and Li-ving. AC5 laminate floors with exclusive and practical designs that combine high resistance with timeless and elegant designs created to last. With guaranteed quality, you only have to worry about choosing the design that best fits your project.