Delta Floor - Bariperfil
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Delta Floor

A product manufactured exclusively for our market, with excellent value for money, with high qualities of resistance to abrasion and antistatic properties.


· AC5 Class of Use 33
· 8 mm thickness
· Antistatic



1380 x 191 x 8 mm


Box: 8 slats (2,11 m²)

Pallet: 56 boxes (118,08 m²)

D 103 WG

Roble Alba

REF: LDFO88011508K
D 273 NM

Roble Fraga

REF: LDFO83043508K
D 210 NM

Roble Cretes

REF: LDFO88013508K
D 267 WG

Roble Gris

REF: LDFO88014508K
D 225 BD

Roble Madrid

REF: LDFO82253508K
D 292 NM

Roble Llanes

REF: LDFO83782508K
D 281 PM

Roble Rioja

REF: LDFO84930508K
D 297 NM

Roble Mieres

REF: LDFO83784508K
D 501 WG

Roble Aneto

REF: LDFO80467508K
D 203 WG

Roble Alfara

REF: LDFO82833508K