Solid Chrome

The big brother of the successful Syncchrome collection, maintaining the beauty of the synchronized finishes, but increasing the value of the product as it is a 12 mm board and with AC5 abrasion resistance.


· AC5 Class of Use 33
· 12 mm thickness
· 4 side bevel
· Synchronized



1380 x 193 x 12 mm


Box: 4 slats (1,33 m²)

Pallet: 60 boxes (79,90 m²)

D 4202 CN

Roble Interlaken

REF: LKROS4202512G
D 3034 CN

Roble Engelberg

REF: LKROS3034512G
D 7092 CN

Roble Gstaad

REF: LKROS7092512G
D 3033 CN

Roble Zermatt

REF: LKROS3033512G
D 3032 CN

Roble Verbier

REF: LKROS3032512G
D 2025 CN

Roble Leysin

REF: LKROS2025512G