Aspecta - Bariperfil
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ASPECTA is a new generation vinyl floor with worldwide coverage. Hand in hand with Vertex, the leading North American manufacturer in the US, Bariperfil has started this ambitious project in Spain that we hope will place us at the forefront of glued vinyl flooring (or Dry Back in English). The project began with ASPECTA 5, a 3.2 mm thick floor with a 0.7 mm wear layer in different formats, both ceramic imitation tiles and wood imitation slats.

A short time later, we present Aspecta Elemental, a 2.5mm vinyl floor that comes in a wide variety of designs, from classic, contemporary to modern. It is distinguished by its thinness and quality giving an optimal visual effect.

Looking beyond the surface of the stunning ASPECTA® TEN floor, we find the perfect core: ISOCORE® technology. ISOCORE technology is made up of a closed cell extruded vinyl structure, making the floor strong and rigid, yet incredibly light. All of this makes ASPECTA TEN floors highly durable, easy to install and 100% waterproof.